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The story of Clough’s Sweet Shop began when my father was working as a rep for a confectionary wholesale firm. One day he said to his boss that business was very slow and he didn’t think that he was earning his pay doing this job. Impressed by his honesty he suggested that my farther took over a sweet shop that he had which was not doing very well.

Edith and Arthur Clough

He started running it and eventually his boss asked if he would like to buy the shop from him. My father said he would love to but he had no money! His boss kindly suggested my father take stock, to find the value, and pay him what he could every week until it was paid for - a very generous act indeed.

Edith Clough and Alan Clough

So in April 1934, Clough's Sweet Shop was born and my mother soon started working with him. From being a small child I started doing jobs in the shop and, at the age of six, I started serving customers; standing on an old wooden pop crate in order to see over the counter.

Alan Clough

After finishing my education, in 1966, I started working there full-time. I gradually took over the running of the shop after the death of my father in 1993 and my mother (who worked in the shop until she was 92!) in 2002.

Alan Clough

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